Cathrin HageyWelcome!

I hold degrees in mathematics and education and have done a little bit of everything: restaurant dishwasher, tour guide, half-way house caregiver, carer of disabled children, stay-at-home mom, and mathematics teacher. I’m probably forgetting something.

The urge to write never abandoned me. In 2001, my first poem was published in the millennial issue of Prairie Fire. From 2006 to 2008, I wrote a regular column, features, and essays for women’s quarterly Cahoots Magazine.

In 2010, I started a blog called The Giant Pie, which still exists on this site, only without the moniker.

I had a mid-life aha! moment when I discovered The Endicott Studio’s Journal of Mythic Arts, co-edited by the talented and visionary duo: Terri Windling and Midori Snyder. This was sustenance along the path of authorial self-discovery, indeed.

My immersion in mythic literature, folklore, and fairy tales–a reclamation of the earliest stories that had sustained me as a child–led to my rediscovery of the science fiction and fantasy that I had once loved and then nearly forgotten.

In 2010, “Nettie’s Tale,” my first original fairy tale was published by New Fairy Tales. Then, in 2011, my fable “Raven and Rose” was published in Luna Station Quarterly. This began a fruitful relationship with LSQ: I write a quarterly column for the website, and I’m on staff as an assistant editor.

I am still writing fairy tales, but also other types of fantasy. More recently, I’ve begun to write science fiction as well. Links to my stories and other writing are accessible via the navigation menu at the top of this site.

Oh, and one more thing. I provide editing services for the earth sciences in partnership with my husband of more than 30 years, the wizard of geochemistry, Chris Holmden. If interested, please click on the logo below, and you’ll be directed to the Earth-Word Editing website.Earth Science Editing

I hope you’ll take some time to explore this site. Thank you for stopping by!